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WROC?üAWSKA SZKO?üA GRAFIKI / The Wroc??aw School of Printmaking - Wystawa w Knoxville, USA

Wroc??awska Szko??a Grafiki

Wroc??awska Szko??a Grafiki to tytu?? wystawy, kt??ra prezentowana b─?dzie w trzech galeriach: The Pie??k??w Galery w Knoxville (Tennessee), The Rowe Galery w Charlotte (Noth Karolina), oraz w Koscielak Galery w Chicago (Illinois).
Wystawa prezentuje prace artyst??w zwi─?zanych z wroc??awsk─? ASP. Zasadnicz─? jej cz─???─? stanowi─? prace wyk??adowc??w Katedry Grafiki Warsztatowej. Ich reprodukcje oraz biografie autor??w znalaz??y si─? w drugiej cz─???ci katalogu. Cz─???─? pierwsza publikacji jest natomiast efektem refleksji, towarzysz─?cej przygotowaniu wystawy. Autorzy zamieszczonych w niej tekst??w: Andrzej Kosto??owski Ô?? krytyk i teoretyk sztuki oraz prof. Andrzej Basaj Ô?? artysta grafik, jeden z czo??owych tw??rc??w Wroc??awskiej Szko??y Grafiki, spr??bowali spojrze─? na ni─? w szerszym kontek??cie, jako na zjawisko, na kt??re od ponad 60 lat sk??adaj─? si─? dokonania wielu wyj─?tkowych osobowo??ci.

Red. Dorota Mi??kowska

The Wroclaw School of Printmaking from Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland is going to be exhibited in Pienkow Art Gallery (Knoxville, TN USA) in April, 2009.

A relatively short, not longer than 60-year-old history of the Wroc??aw School of Printmaking occured within the Polish School of Poster, the great world-famous phenomenon, which was created by, among others, such artists from Wroclaw, as Jan Jaromir Aleksiun, Jan Sawka, Eugeniusz Get Stankiewicz or Jerzy Czerniawski.

The crystal-clear character of the artistic printmaking of this community was reinforced by another phenomenon of Polish printmaking of the 1960s, Jozef Gielniak, who became a sort of a natural patron. He was discovered and guided by the then rector of the State Higher College of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Prof. Stanis??aw Dawski.

The workshop excellence and figuration are two constant, characteristic features rooted in the Wroc??aw School of Printmaking. The full range of various printmaking techniques, from the traditional ones, like copper plate, represented at this exhibition by a master of the genre, Prof. E. Get-Stankiewicz, drypoint by Prof. Anna Janusz-Strzyz, mezzotint executed by Prof. Christopher Nowicki, lithography on stone by Prof. Pawe?? Frackiewicz and ass. tutor Anna Trojanowska, etchings with aquatint by Prof. Przemys??aw Tyszkiewicz, linocuts by ass. Professor Ma??gorzata Warlikowska, Katerina Zubakhina and Mariusz Gorzelak, to the contemporary digital prints by the doyen of the Wroclaw printmaking, Prof. Andrzej Basaj, as well as the monumental drawings by the current Rector of the Academy in Wroclaw, Prof. Jacek Szewczyk, are bound together by a clamp of the workshop perfection. Figuration as a feature which evidently characterizes this school is brought about by the intention to communicate with the viewer. It often draws him to an interactive encounter, directing at him truculent exclamations, aggressive in form, taking contrastive tones, on other occasions inviting to its own playground, its own street, introducing to neighbours, showing down-to-earth matters constructed out of every-day objects. Or intimately pulling the viewer into the meanders of individual imagination, opening him to experience new, different worlds. However, this is the result of the tradition, where an image exists in an interactive space and functions in the public reality.

Competitiveness with regard to discovering and finding out new forms as well as perfecting the workshop best serves the idea of bringing the dialogue to a higher and higher level. That is why figuration which is the leading feature of the Wroc??aw School of Printmaking starts to be expressed through so individual phenomena that these perfect modifications lead directly to authentic abstraction.

prof. Przemys??aw Tyszkiewicz

Wystawa w Knoxville jest organizowana dzi─?ki finansowemu wsparciu / The exhibition is financially supported by:
Marek Maria Pie??kowski Foundation
74117 Kingston Pike, Suite 101
Knoxville, TN 37919, USA

Prezentacja odbywa─? si─? b─?dzie w / The show will be held in:
The Pienkow Gallery in Knoxville

The University of North Carolina in Charlotte, Department of Art and Art History Ô?? Rowe Gallery

Koscielak Gallery

Patronat honorowy nad wystaw─? obj─??? Ambasador USA w Polsce Victor Ashe / Honorary patronage of the exhibition offered by the Ambassador of U.S.A. in Poland Victor Ashe

Partnerem projektu jest / Partner of the projest is:
College of Arts & Sciences School of Art at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Wystawie towarzyszy katalog (projekt - ?üukasz Paluch)
  • 06.04.2009